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Use for: Bilberry is used for reducing pain and edema in peripheral vascular disorders, and may have benefits for diabetes, hypertensive retinopathy, chronic primary dysmenorrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome and angina. It is also used for exercise-induced muscle soreness and improving vision.

 Concerns: Bilberry is mostly used safely in appropriate doses. Concomitant use with anticoagulants herbs such as angelica, clove, ginger, ginkgo and garlic, antidiabetic herbs such as ginseng, horse chestnut, garlic and devil’s claw, and chromium containing herbs such as brewer’s yeast, horsetail and cascara may cause additive effects. Bilberry may lower the lab test results on blood glucose or triglycerides. Consult with health care providers on Bilberry use consideration. Avoid use on pregnancy and lactation.