Apple Cider Vinegar

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Use for: Apple cider vinegar is the fermented juice from apple and contains vitamins, minerals, pectin and citric acid. It is commonly used for obesity, leg cramps, gastroparesis, rhinosinusitis, hypertension, detoxification, cognitive function, hyperlipidemia and slowing the aging process.

Concerns: Apple cider vinegar is mostly safe in appropriate doses. Avoid using on pregnancy and lactation. Higher than recommended doses for long-term may cause decreased level of potassium that could affect digoxin toxicity. Consult with health care provider on use of Apple cider vinegar with digoxin.

Watch for toxicity on concomitant use with herbs that contain cardiac glycosides such as digitalis leaf, Canadian hemp roots, black hellebore, figwort, etc.

Avoid using on pregnancy and lactation.